Carpet Cleaning


Floor Care is a company with years of cleaning experience so you can relax in the knowing that your carpets are being cleaned and handled by fully qualified professional technicians that will not only leave your carpets looking clean and fresh, but healthy for you and your family.

Floor Care is committed to providing homes and business like yours with a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful indoor environment. Each and every job we undertake gets the personal service it deserves. We strive to provide every one of our customers with an easy and competitively priced cleaning experience.

We pride ourselves on treating every single job like we were cleaning our own home. That’s how we’re able to get the best results in the industry and grow our business based on word of mouth referrals and recommendations.

Our technicians offer exceptional service and use the latest Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning systems and equipment from the USA and cleaning products to effectively remove many stains, oils, spots and dirt that have potentially been within your carpet fibre for months. Or technicians will pre-spray heavy traffic and stained areas to make it easier to remove grime and dirt. Then the powerful cleaning solutions will be used to break up debris and dirt bacteria. These cleaning solutions are very effective and don’t require large amounts of water. Thus, your carpet will dry quickly.


We use advanced cleaning techniques and quality materials to remove grit, dirt, and odour. Our technicians will help restore the original appearance of your carpets and will prevent premature aging.

We can schedule an appointment at a time of your choice, and we have the capacity to clean your carpets when it, which suits your business, thus minimising staff downtime and disruption. Whether you need cleaning services on a monthly, fortnightly, weekly, or daily basis, we will tailor a solution to suit your needs.



The short answer is Yes!

Upholstery cleaning can add several years of life to your furniture, car, marine craft, aircraft and truck by bringing back the original colouring and removing dirt or harsh particles that cause fibre damage. Over time, these particles will gradually rub their rough edges against the delicate fabric and eventually lead to cutting and damaging the fibres, resulting in holes and wear marks.

To eliminate these damaging particles we use a specially formulated upholstery cleaning solution in conjunction with gentle and effective cleaning equipment to lift dirt and break up stains. We then follow up by washing and extracting all of the debris away from your upholstery.

Floor Care will restore your furniture to its original lustre, without sacrificing the fabrics and fibres.

Our technicians are fully accredited and knowledgeable in all fabric types, and are able to determine the best cleaning method after examining your upholstery.

Most manufacturers will recommend that you have your upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year.


Floor Care provides professional expert upholstery cleaning of cars, trucks, marine craft, recreational vehicles and aircraft, which includes carpet & upholstery interiors and exterior areas such as boat decks, airframes and car and truck panels. Our mobile service means that we can clean your vehicle and craft interiors onsite with minimal disruption.


Hundreds of thousands of dust mites, bacteria, tiny bugs, and other kinds of microscopic organisms can thrive inside the average mattress, therefore it is important to clean your mattress at least once a year.

The average person sheds about 1 gram of skin every day, thus providing a reliable source of food, resulting in the production of droppings that can cause a variety of health problems, particularly if breathed in over a prolonged period.

To protect yourself and your family, Floor Care provides professional mattress cleaning services to remove stains, clean, and sanitise, to freshen your matress and ensure a much healthier sleeping experience.

Our professional and accredited technicians will use the latest steam extraction system to clean and sanitise your mattresses by a deep cleaning procedure that destroys and removes all kinds of dust mites, bacteria, and bugs!

Our mattress cleaning service should be particularly considered if you or any of your family members suffer from asthma or other bronchial ailments and associated allergies.