Hard Surface Cleaning


Hard Surface floors and Driveways can be one of the most impressive features of your facility or home. Regular maintenance such as cleaning, buffing, floor striping, and sealing, is important not only for the appearance of the floor but for its protection and longevity.

Most hard surfaces areas overtime allow dirt, grime, mould and grit to build-up. This not only dulls the surface’s appearance but can also shorten the lifespan of the floor. Keeping your hard surface floors clean, dry, and properly maintained is also an essential part of creating a safe and healthy environment for your customers, tenants, employees, guests, or family.

Correct maintenance of hard floor surfaces requires technical knowledge, expertise, and specialist equipment.


Floor Care is a specialist in cleaning and maintaining hard surfaces in residential, commercial and industrial settings. This combined with our advanced methods and the utilisation of the latest equipment and technology (specific for each surface), ensures that your hard surfaces will be clean, safe and maintained to the highest standard.

So whether your floor is tile, concrete, driveway, natural stone, marble, or another hard surface, Floor Care understands the unique and special attention it needs to ensure that the best possible presentation is achieved, its longevity is preserved, and that a safe and clean environment is provided.


Timber decks in a home are a long-term investment and provide great spaces to relax, entertain friends, or enjoy outdoor dining. However, like all timber surfaces, they need to be properly maintained. Because timber decks and their coatings are subject to the damaging effects of weather, it is critical to have your deck cleaned and sealed on a regular basis.

A poorly maintained timber deck can quickly turn grey in colour, as it deteriorates due to the high level of ultra violet light, dirt, mould, and algae. Soon enough the timber deck can become dry and splinter, creating a rougher surface even more inviting to dirt and grime and mould.

Preventing this type of situation is easy if you regularly maintain your deck with a professional grade decking stain or wood deck sealing product that has been professionally applied. But before you purchase a timber sealer from your local home improvement store, you should know that sealing decks is only one part of what it takes to do the job properly. Before deck stains or sealers are applied, the wood needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Floor Care will turbo pressure wash and remove all the dirt, grime, and soil that has been imbedded deep into the wood’s grain.

The work will be done correctly and without the worry of damage, providing years of future enjoyment.